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  1. They Help with every trouble and care about there customers what is really awesome and not normal these days. So now a quick Review about the Cheat: Visuals: 10/10 They are just awesome, work like a charm, nothing more to say about that Aimbot: 10/10 The Aimbot is very good and everything works fine, its just awesome. It looks really legit and hits like hell, this is what you want for an aimbot. Visible Check and smooth Aim works like a charm. Security: 10/10 Well, what can i say more then this is rly a very safe cheat. Of course, everything can be detected at anytime and you have to know, cheating is at own risk. But if you want to have a safe one, this is what you want. They update it very quick......that is absolutely what you want, trust me. All in All 10/10 The cheat works really good, the support is awesome.....nothing more to tell here, just buy it and have a rly funny and great time.