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You will be permanently banned for:



  •  Account sharing
  •  Selling invites
  •  Malicious activity with the intent to undermine SniperHCF
  •  Posting/sharing malicious software/files
  •  Inviting someone that has already been banned
  •  Marketplace scamming/being known for scamming
  •  Spreading personal information on the forums (e.g. doxxing)
  •  Stealing other forum users accounts
  •  Using bugs/errors to your advantage
  •  Slandering SniperHCF or Administrators
  •  Owning more than 1 account
  •  Botting reputation

Other rules - In most cases, first time offenders will receive a warning. Second time offenders may receive a temporary ban. Third strike will result in a permanent ban.


  •  Spamming/mass replying to threads/posts
  •  Misleading others with threads,software,invitation codes
  •  Harassing other users on the forums. This includes racism, or a post whose only purpose is to insult someone
  •  Requesting invites via private messages
  •  Bumping Bug Reports or Suggestions / Feedback
  •  Using other languages then English
  •  Disrespecting staff members (Staff members have the final say on anything, respect their decisions.)
  •  Engaging in Technical discussions when you have no idea what you are talking about
  •  Placing imagines in your profile picture,banner or anywhere else which are inappropriate
  •  Posting YouTube links without a proper reason/explanation
  • Hidden replies should be answered with at least 3 proper words

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